The ridiculously fun and kind of awesome baby stuff list

I have to admit something… I am a complete sucker for all things baby.  Below you will find my work in progress. My own personal ‘ode to consumerism’.. a list of epic baby stuff that just has to be shared. Some of these are items I already own, while others are on my shopping list for the twins. Some of the items on this list are completely practical (read: affordable) but a lot of them are totally drool worthy, lust for, sell a kidney type wants (read: holyshitthat’sfuckingexpensive but I still WANT it anyway so maybe I will hit up the grandparents again!!). There are no sponsors here- this is just me laying out a fun (and hopeful) list of my favorite things (many are from other lists that I stalk). So tell me- what’s on your list?

#1- One of the highest rated infant car seats on the market- Chicco’s (pron. key-co) Keyfit30

I have to admit that when C1 was born Graco tended to rule the infant car seat world.. but apparently this one has captured the market in recent years. While I don’t love the design I do like the high safety rating so this is on my list for the twins.


#2- The most amazing double stroller that ever was. Period. The Bugaboo Donkey- Twin version

Yes, if I have to I will sell a damn kidney to get one of these things.. swoon. PS- Bugaboo is releasing the Chicco Keyfit car seat adaptor in June.. can we all say ‘perfect timing’!!

I die. Really.

#3- The softest baby clothing on the planet- Kissy Kissy Layette

They come in about a zillion different designs for the sweetest baby boys and girls. Made from peruvian pima cotton I can honestly say I have never felt a softer material to dress baby in.. except maybe cashmere!

#4- A seriously cute idea for a teething babe- Kleynimals Stainless steel baby keys

I love that these are a great alternative to giving our lead laced germy keys to the babies in an effort to soothe a tantrum. These ‘keys’ are made of food grade stainless steel (naturally lead free and non-toxic- no BPA or phthalates). They are also rust resistant and can be cleaned in the dishwasher! The company is a small family owned operation that manufactures the product right here in the USA- love that!

Love these cuties!

#5- A new possibility towards achieving a (diaper) stink free baby nursery- The Ubbi Diaper Pail

I’m totally looking into this one.. it’s made of steel and supposedly resistant to odors. It uses standard trash bags (thank goodness) so there is no additional ‘special liner bag’ cost to bear every time you empty it. I wish I could commit to cloth, but until I do I’m hoping to try this out..

#6- Apparently a must have nursing pillow for tandem breastfeeding twins- My Breast Friend Twins Deluxe Nursing Pillow

This one is high on my ‘to buy’ list for the twins.. apparently it really helps with tandem nursing!

#7- The only paci’s we have ever used- The Soothie Pacifier

I am big into breastfeeding and I love that these paci’s mimic the shape of a mother’s nipple which helps avoid nipple confusion. Here’s a funny story- when C1 was born these paci’s weren’t available in stores like they are today. We got a little stash from the hospital before we left.. but one night when we got desperate (lots of lost paci’s) S went back over to L&D and begged for a few more! Mission Accomplished!

#8- The cutest knit hats for those of us who are knitting-challenged- A custom made Aviator infant hat by Knitwitwoolies (Etsy)

Catherine knitted a beautiful pom pom hat for C2 and a gorgeous blue and green aviator hat for Cullen. While he never got to wear it, it remains a treasure of mine from his precious life. I hope his baby brothers will wear it one day in his memory. Catherine honestly does amazing work- one look at her shop and even her previously sold items tells the story….

#9- A really cool idea for a high chair- Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair

I don’t have this one yet (though I wish I had bought it previously), but it has amazing reviews and I plan to snag it when the twins start solids. I love the versatility of using it from baby onward- it basically grows with your child which in my mind gives more bang for the buck.

#10- The softest crib sheets on the planet- Pottery Barn Kids Chamois Crib sheeting

Imagine sleeping on a chamois cloud… these are that soft. I have used them for over 6 years and guess what- the original sets from when C1 was born will be used for the twins- they wear THAT well. They stand up to repeated washing and drying and look the same today as they did the day we got them. Can’t say enough good things about these…

#11- The sweetest hand made lovie… The Bamboletta Blanket Baby

Don’t get me started on my bamboletta obsession… this company hand-makes some seriously amazing dolls in a style all their own. I love the softness of the blanket babies- soft velours in a rainbow of colors. I know these dolls and blanket babies can be extremely hard to get your hands on, but if you have the patience I promise they are worth every upload attempt!

#12- The swing/bouncer I have my eye on.. but am not 100% sold on.. yet. The 4Moms Mamaroo infant seat

This one is a ‘maybe’ on my list.. and chances are I will give it a try simply because Amazon has a great return policy. This swing/bouncer is supposed to mimic the natural movements that mom and dad make when soothing a  baby. While it doesn’t ‘swing’ like a traditional swing it does seem to have some pretty cool moves. Apparently one of the drawbacks to earlier models was a loud motor- but that has reportedly been remedied in recent months so it’s worth looking into.

#13- The best baby tub. Really. The Spa Baby European style baby tub

I never liked how the baby bath tubs I had for C1 and C2 kept so much of their wet skin exposed to the cold.. brrr. When C3 came along we tried this version of a tub (apparently the norm in European households) and fell in love. Simply put, the spa baby tub keeps the baby in a natural fetal position with warm water all around them. I keep one hand under the baby’s chin at all times- so I make sure to have everything I need right there next to me. The plastic in this tub is also BPA and phthalate free- another added plus in my book!

#14- Another cool idea in baby tubs- The Blooming Bath Baby Bath

I haven’t tried this one but might do so with the twins… while this is a traditional lie-back type of tub, I love how this one is PLUSH and can be used right in the sink.. I also wonder if I can use it in my Spa Baby as a soft insert for the twins when they are newborns. This one appeals to me visually and practically. The site says it is machine washable (which would be a MUST) so I  might give it a try… stay tuned!

#15- A nice alternative to slathering your baby in petroleum (aka crude oil)- Live Clean Non-Petroleum Jelly

A by-product of manufacturing petroleum, petrolatum jelly is used as the main ingredient in products like Vaseline and Aquaphor- but I think it’s time to kick the habit. I like the ingredient list on this one and am trying to hunt it down at my local Walgreen’s so I don’t have to pay shipping!! It got good reviews on a few websites so I am eager to test it out on my kids.

#15- A new line of baby products- that I might also use on ME! aden + anais Mum and Bub skincare

This line really has me excited- a key ingredient in each of the products is pawpaw fruit (Carica Papaya)- which is a popular Australian remedy for burns, chafes, cuts and of course nappy rash! My lovely friend Tess first send me a tube of the Lucas brand and I was smitten! So when I saw that aden+anais is using pawpaw in their new line I was immediately intrigued! I’m going to be trying several products from the new line and I hope I love them as much as I do my original tube of Lucas’ Pawpaw!

#16- The best swaddling blankets. Ever. aden+anais muslin swaddling blankets

I am a big, huge proponent of swaddling- I think that combined with the 5 S’s it is possible to soothe even the fussiest baby straight away. I found aden+anais when I had C3 and I’m still adding new prints of these soft, stretchy amazing blankets to the twins’ stash today. You can’t miss with these blankets.. I promise!

#17- Nifty Nursing bras!

I will make a little admission here… I have big boobs. No- actually huge boobs- and when I am nursing I often feel that I look like a cross between a sleep study patient and a porn star. Really. It ain’t pretty. But it’s totally worth it. Over the years I have come to love a few companies that cater to large breasted nursing moms- who also happen to have a small back as I do. Trying to find a 32G nursing bra is not easy- but these companies somehow figured it out and I love them for it!

Bella Materna



#18- An awesome Ring Sling made by an awesome company- Sakura Bloom Ring Slings

When I had C2 I gave up my uncomfortable Bjorn for a much better baby wearing alternative- ring slings- (and I met my awesome friend K in the process- what luck!). There are two brands of slings that I adore- each for different reasons. As a standard must have, take everywhere with you, essential baby wearing sling I love the slings by Sakura Bloom. The creator of this company has a passion for baby wearing and it really shows in the universal design of her slings- they have the most comfortable shoulders ever. I wore my slings every day.. and I plan to try wearing both babies once they arrive. If you are new to ring slings I would recommend starting with a double linen- from there the world of silk is another treat!

The other line I love is called P-Sling… but all told it’s probably more appealing to an experienced baby wearer. Born in Japan this design has a deep pouch and a really nice (though totally unique) shoulder. If you have any questions about baby wearing I am happy to help- and I also suggest looking into local groups which can really help with troubleshooting and technique.

Sakura Bloom

#19- Another adorable teether- Vulli’s Sophie the Giraffe

I bet this one is pretty recognizable- Sophie has been around since her creation in France some 50 years ago! Made of natural rubber, BPA free and colored with food grade paint, this teether shot to stardom for good reason! My mom snagged a few for the twins and I am having a hard time keeping them in their cute little boxes!

#20- The one item that no nursery should be without- Angelcare Deluxe Movement and Sounds Baby Monitor

Bringing home a baby after a previous loss can seem like an insurmountable challenge. When the worst has happened, we want to do all we can to nurture and protect our precious children. After losing Cullen I knew that my ‘worry zone’ had significantly expanded, and my eyes were opened to so many of the things that can go wrong even after a healthy live birth. Once the twins were on board the first item I bought was this monitor- one for each crib. The Angelcare monitor is designed to monitor your child’s breathing and movement patterns- and alert you to any disruption of that flow. Marketed as a tool in the fight against SIDS this monitor has high accolades- even despite some who say they get false alarms. Though I suggest this based on the background of my battle with grief, I want to make it clear that this monitor is for every new parent. In my opinion it is another tool in our arsenal- and one that is worth every penny.

#21- A less is more take on playtime for baby- Finn + Emma Play Gym

I love the retro style of this adorable play gym form Finn + Emma. Made of birch wood, coated in a non-toxic stain and decorated with some seriously cute (and removable) organic cotton critters this gym had me at ‘hello’!

#22- The Crib. In iron. Bratt Decor’s Venetian Iron Crib

I swooned over this crib when I was pregnant with Cullen. It may shock some to know that in January when I was 12-ish weeks pregnant with the twins.. I ordered one for each of them (got a nice twin discount to boot!). It was a huge leap of faith (still is)- and while I have not yet allowed it to ship I feel like taking little steps like this has in many ways helped me to have hope for these babies.. and hope is a beautiful thing.

That's a lot of gorgeous silk bedding that won't be in my world.. but it sure is nice to dream isn't it!?

#23- Every Crib needs a mattress- Colgate Eco Classica 1 Crib Mattress

I want the twins to have an eco friendly crib mattress made of plant based oils (vs. petroleum). It also needs to be a solid core (not dual firmness) in order for the Angelcare monitor to work properly. While I would love to go with a completely organic choice, this model seems to better fit for my needs and budget. Colgate makes the number one rated crib mattress on the market and this is basically the eco friendly version of it. Some of the reviews have noted that it is really firm- but in my eyes this is a GOOD thing. Simply put- a firm mattress is the best choice for an infant. (And yes we do co-sleep but I’m not sure it will be feasible with twins).

#24- The BEST boogie sucker on the planet- Nosefrida Snotsucker

Full props to my bestie Meesh for introducing me to this ingenious little product. The Nosefrida is a nasal aspirator extraordinaire! (if you don’t believe me check out the reviews on Amazon!) Instead of the standard bulb syringe this one uses the power of your own suction- rest assured you won’t inhale snot (gross) as the tube is long and has a replaceable filter to prevent such disaster!

#25- Your Car seat protector- Kiddopotamus Piddle Pad

Want to protect your car seat from countless diaper blowouts (and subsequent hours spent taking it apart to wash it)? If so you will want to get this.. just trust me. There are a few companies that make them- as long as it fits the infant car seat my guess would be that they are all pretty much the same.

#26- The BEST thermometer- really. Exergen’s Thermoscan Temporal Lobe Thermometer

This is what my pediatrician uses.. so I gave it a whirl when C3 came along. WHY did I not find this earlier!? It is awesome- you simply scan baby (or child’s) forehead and viola- done! You can even use it while the baby is asleep!

15 thoughts on “The ridiculously fun and kind of awesome baby stuff list

  1. Great list–I have a few of those items and love every one of them.

    So, I have that exact nursing pillow that a woman who had twins, but quit breastfeeding gave to me and I never used it. Where do you live? I wonder if I could ship it to you. It’s just gathering dust here…

  2. I wish I had some of these things. Finances dictate otherwise! But I do have quite a few aden and anais items, and I have you to thank for that! Loved this post. Full of hope.

  3. Oh Leslie – I love your great wishlist for your growing boys inside! I have some of those products and won’t be without them (Aden + Anais included thank you), many of your other items I want too and drool over the high chair – just got to get A to agree with me!
    But most of alli love your ability to hope for that wonderful future where you bring your two healthy twin boys home with you. You are an amazing mama.
    Thinking of you loads from over here – with so much love.

  4. That is a wonderful list. I just wanted to leave a couple of comments. If you are really interested in babywearing, you should check out it is a great resource for info on baby wearing, including some great information on tandem wearing twins (and even tandem breastfeeding, as it is a great resource for people who lean towards attachment type parenting).

    Regarding the piddle pad – it is a lovely idea. Who likes taking apart a car seat to wash the cover? But it is an aftermarket product, and all aftermarket products (like piddle pads, bundle me’s, strap covers, and even the pads people put under the seats to protect the seat of their car) are all untested, and considered dangerous. You aren’t even supposed to put a jacket or bunting on the children. I bought a thick minkee blanket and used that to cover my son last winter, and I had a fleece jacket for him, as fleece doesn’t compress. Even when these products state that they have been tested, it is not quite accurate, as they likely have not been tested with every single seat. You can check out for more information on aftermarket products.

    Your list seems so incredibly well thought out and researched, and unfortunately the best information on car seat safety is just woefully unshared.

    • Hey Dina- I just wanted to say thank you so much for your comment! I had not thought about that with the piddle pad- thank you very much for pointing that out!
      I had to tell you that yes I have been a member on TBW (the baby wearer) for many years- I LOVE that site! When I was new to slings I was on there all of the time and learned so much! I hadn’t thought of that one for tandem breastfeeding so I am glad you mentioned that! I’m going to go hunt down some threads over there!

  5. yea! A wish list! I love the bugaboo donkey also. Check out the double mountain buggy. I love mine. It was a splurge- but worth every penny- I know you love to run and will want to start again.

  6. Ooh, Leslie. Loving this list. I still haven’t pulled the trigger on buying new baby stuff (or sorting through Eliza’s things so I even know what we have… sigh). But just reading this list makes me feel hopeful–for me and for you.

  7. Y’all are so sweet… it was fun just making a list of some cool things on the market! There is always so much out there that is new and fun in the baby stuff world- whoever creates this stuff must have a seriously fun job!

  8. Oooo I love this list. I am OBSESSED with baby things and there are so many more lovely things available over the pond.

    Firstly I AM going to buy Reuben some of those kleynimals. That is one of the best ideas I have ever seen. He loves my keys but I don’t like him chomping on them so there is a constant battle.

    Jess used a soothie, the NICU gave us a little supply and it was the only pacifier she used really. It was great for persuading her to close her mouth whilst she was on CPAP, otherwise they lose all the pressure through their mouths apparently!

    We have two Sophies. Reuben loves her so much. So he is never without one.

    And I love that Blooming Baby bath, that looks so much fun!

    AND that Bamboletta! Geesh wish I was rich! Wish we were ALL rich!

  9. I love this list – lots of lovelies on it. Buying stuff (small stuff for the financially embarassed, but stuff still) was an exercise in hope for me, with my rainbow (and a sensor mat & monitor was the first thing through the door for sure).

  10. Can I just say that it’s wonderful seeing this list and the hope that is oozing from it? So very lovely! I also wish for that high chair/children’s chair and would love a nice expensive ring sling. Although my perfect and rather inexpensive ones are all that I need, really. :)

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